How does HfH work for you?

  1. We discuss your requirements, budget and Josien’s renumeration.*
  2. Josien sends HfH’s terms and conditions agreement for you to sign and return.
  3. On receipt of signed T & C’s, we agree a date to travel to Holland and book flights/transport/accommodation.*
  4. Josien liaises with her vendor/producer/breeder contacts for suitable horses to view.
  5. Josien sends videos/details of possible horses for you to select the final view list from.
  6. Josien arranges the itinerary and viewing appointments.
  7. Josien guides, translates and advises throughout your time in Holland.
  8. When you find your horse, a verbal agreement (this is legally binding in Europe) and/or a bill of sale will be drawn up for you to sign, subject to vetting*.
  9. Josien will help you arrange professional horse transport and insurance.*
  10. You will pay the vendor before the horse leaves their yard. Josien will return to the UK with you.*

NB – *represents costs to you

Kasandor leaving the 🇳🇱