Why buy Dutch?

The Netherlands are world leaders in breeding and producing athletic, talented horses with trainable, uncomplicated temperaments. The Dutch method is tried and performance tested to provide essential feedback into perfecting their breeding programmes. The same principles are in use for the Dutch pony Studbooks (Welsh, New Forest, N.R.P.S, etc,.) Whilst they produce top flight dressage horses and Show jumpers, the Dutch warmblood’s origins include the Gelderlander and Groninger – and it is these breeds that have injected the kind temperament that amateurs and professionals can both enjoy.

Colt bred for dressage


  • A lot of choice,  10,000 foals are born in the Netherlands annually
  • Horses/ponies available at different riding levels, from “Green” to Grand Prix
  • Registered breeding for every type of horse or pony
  • High standard of breeding through grading, focussed on confirmation and temperament 
  • Excellent infrastructure which makes travelling very easy
  • Many yards have indoor arenas
Champion New Forest stallion
Champion New Forest Stallion